Fun-DaMentals of Drawing for adults, 4 weeks, Tuesdays, 7-9 pm, New Instructor!

Fun-Damentals of drawing, Adults

Drawing is a wonderful way to express yourself, and whether you've been a doodler for years or are just starting to explore, this class will give you skills, inspiration, and new creative opportunities with a relaxed approach to materials, methods and sources to tap for your drawing adventure! Small class - up to 6 students. 

You will look at the work of master artists every class, but we will not be copying. The purpose of this class is to help you work within your own approach, and to find ways to grow within it. If you have an idea for a drawing, bring it to class, and we will set up a way for you to get going on it! If you have favorite drawing materials, bring them too. In addition, there will always be still-life setups and other visual inspirations provided for you to draw from every week, and basic drawing materials are provided for you. 

Materials required for this class: Sketch book, charcoal, vine or willow uncompressed, a charcoal pencil 2b - 6b, kneaded eraser, set of colored pastel pencils. Click here to order all of the supplies together.  You will need to bring these materials to the first class.


Week 1: Line and the power of this basic construction element. Discussion of abstraction and realism. Control and looseness.

Week 2: Shape: words in the language of art. Open shapes and closed, and how the line fits in. Seeing shapes and objects.

Week 3: Composition and graphic layout of the work. Where does this lead? How to get there.

Week 4: Value and Color- Value does the work of creating volume, and color is its closest ally. Exploring various drawing materials that allow uses of color in tighter and looser applications.

Bring your inventive spirit and a desire to draw! Instructor: Ruth Askren @ruthaskren_art