Pastel Landscapes, Mondays, 10am -12 pm

Learn to create effective landscape paintings that communicate your unique interpretation of the land and sky. We will explore composition, texture and reflections in all the elements of a landscape painting. Learn how to compose a scene, take color and value notes and then translate that information for a pastel painting in the studio. You will learn how to interpret your photographs, simplify your design and layer colors that will give structure and harmony to your work. Each day will begin with an instructive demo and there will be smaller more targeted demos interspersed as needed. All levels welcome!
This class meets four times on Mondays 10 am to 12 pm. $185

Instructor: Daniel Peci

Materials required: 

  • Pastel Paper. 
  • Pastel Colors. Beginner Set.
  • Fixative. 
  • Sketchbook for Practicing.
  • Drawing Board.
  • Bulldog Clips. 
  • Pencil for Initial Sketching.