T7 Advanced Surface Decorating Tuesday, 6:45-9 pm, 6 weeks

This is an advanced level hand-building and surface decorating class. Requires teacher's approval! Please come to chat with Brenda any Tuesday at 6 pm if you want to take this class. Class focuses on advanced hand-building techniques and surface decorating methods. Intermediate students will create on a larger scale and explore their unique artistic expression. Great class for those who want to work independently, but need some professional guidance. Very small, intimate class, enrollment is limited to four students, so you can get Brenda's full attention. This is an independent study style class with teacher demonstrating advanced methods and unique shapes. Students need to be proficient in hand-building techniques. No basic skills will be explained. Please visit instructor's Instagram (link below) to understand the scope of the projects. 

Students pay $1 per pound for glaze firing and buy their own clay.  Please bring funds for clay on your first class. Approximately $20 will do. It's helpful to bring basic tools as well. If you miss a class, unfortunately, you will not be able to make it up, since it's the only class that's taught per week. 

Instructor: Brenda Holzke @brendaholzke Please check out her Pinterest and Instagram!