Please refer to our most frequently asked questions before contacting us. Thank you!

What are the studio hours?

If you want to come and check out our studio, drop off the firing or for a pick up, please e-mail us first to schedule the time. In addition, please text to 310-989-4295 before you arrive to make sure Ki is there. Otherwise, you may walk into the studio full of members and students and no instructors to talk to. That's fine if you just want to have a look.

If you are an existing student coming to practice, the hours are as follows: Monday-Sunday 1-7 pm. Please feel free to use class clay if you signed up for a beginning wheel class (not hand-building, not advanced beginning, not Donna's class -- you buy your own clay in those classes). 

I am not a student or a member. Can I bring something I made to fire and how long will it take?

Yes, we do provide firing services for individuals and schools: tiles, sculptures, pots, special projects. Firing starts at $50 and is usually 3c per cubic inch for pottery, 4c per cubic inch for sculpture, around $1.80 per tile; all above per one firing. Please plan on a two week turn around time. Rush rates available. College/high school students please note: no, you will not have your item back by tomorrow morning because you need a credit for a class. It takes three days to fire our gas kilns including loading/unloading and we don't fire on weekends. ALL FIRING DROP OFFs SHOULD BE DONE WITH KI IN PERSON, please do not leave anything at the studio, even when someone there tells you it's okay and "they will get back to you." All drop offs need to be paid for prior to firing and approved only by Ki. Also, all work on your piece needs to be done prior to bringing it in -- fixing, drying, painting, glazing, etc. Thank you!

Please text to set up your appointment: 310-989-4295

I registered for a class but can't take it that month because my schedule changed!

If you registered for a class and it hasn't started yet (at least 48 hours prior), you can request to be moved to a different session or for a refund. We'll do our best to accommodate your schedule, but some classes fill quickly and we may not have room in the day of your choice. If we rescheduled you for another session and you cannot make it again, your class registration is forfeited. We can only move you one time. Each time we move you, we reserve the spot for you alone. When you change last minute someone else who could be taking the class is unable to register, since we have limited number of wheels available for classes.

If the session started already and you can't make it, try your best to do make up classes on different days/nights, but we cannot make any other changes or give you any refunds. Thank you for your understanding.

Can I take one time class with a friend/wife/husband/mother?

Yes, you can. Please refer to our special events page for pricing. All reservations require a credit card on file and a deposit. If you talked to us and we confirmed your time but you didn't leave a deposit, your spot is up for grabs and you are not registered. 

I want to buy a gift certificate for someone to take a class. How do I go about it?

You may purchase a gift certificate from almost any page on our web site.  Email this e-gift card to your recipient and they will use it to pay for a class on our web site.

I keep calling your phone and no one ever answers!

We do apologize for the phone inconvenience -- we don't have a receptionist and often are either teaching or loading kilns. You may leave a message and someone will eventually get back to you, but it's faster to e-mail or text us.