Claypron by Echo Ceramics - The Original Ceramics Artist's Split Apron

  • Innovative Design: Crafted by master potter Ki Cho in the late 1990s, Claypron features a unique overlap split design. Enjoy full coverage from side to side and top to bottom without the hassle of adjusting on your knees or strapping the bottom to your ankles.

  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for sitting and throwing or sculpting. Ideal for glazing and hand-building activities. Not just for potters, but also a great choice for artists and chefs alike!

  • Quality Material: Made from top-quality 100% mid-weight cotton, Claypron keeps you clean and dry. While not waterproof, it provides protection from muddy clay. Experience comfort with two long neck straps, long waist straps, and two secure side pockets.

  • Adjustable Fit: Suitable for most heights, from 5'3" to over 6'. Simply fold over the waist to shorten it. Claypron is designed to be worn all day and looks great.

  • Perfect Gift: At approximately 48" long, it's one size fits all. Choose from current colors including blue denim, silver grey, deep purple, and olive green. Make a lasting impression with a thoughtful gift!

  • Global Availability: Claypron is accessible through over 30 distributors in the US, as well as in Canada (Tucker), Australia (Keane Ceramics), and the UK (Potclays, Clayman). Conveniently, it's also available on Amazon Prime.