Illustration, Saturdays 10 am to 12 noon, Adults

Illustration, Adults

In this class students will be guided in exploring all types of art, from fine arts to abstract, giving them the tools they need to discover their own style. Students will be aided in taking their art in whatever creative and imaginative direction they choose. With the opportunity to create caricatures, illustrate stories, and invent their own world, this class is perfect for all of those looking to get imaginative on paper! 17 and older. 

Instructor: Carlos de la Rivera



  1. Week one will consist of determining the ability and experience of participants through a series ofdrawings andexercises from their imagination as well as drawing from a chosen model, provided by instructor or student's own
  2. Week two will explore different masters styles from Women and Men, and from fine Art, Abstract art and Illustrative art and caricature and cartooning. We will draw from those sources
  3. Week three will continue to refine and draw from work done already or redo some works over.
  4.  Week four is the freestyle drawing, concluding with a surprise special project from the instructor.


Materials required

~ 9/12 inch drawing pad or

~ 11/14 drawing mixed media pad

~ regular pencil B4

~ ball point pen

~ felt pen fine point 

~ an eraser. 

With other tools being discussed in first class as students express what they want to use in this course