Echo Ceramics Art Class Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10 am  10am -12 pm Calligraphy, TBD

10am - 12 pm Pastel landscapes with Daniel

10 am -12 pm Watercolor 101, with Daniel 

11 am


11 am-1 pm Mosaics, TBD

11 am -1 pm Water color on ceramics

12 pm 12-2 pm Watercolor 101, with Katya
1 pm
1-3 pm Foundations of acrylic painting, with Eric
1-3 pm Drawing live model, with Daniel
2 pm
3 pm


3-5 pm Still life with AbbeyRose

4 pm
4-6 pm Mixed media and collage with Brian

Fear free painting with acrylics, with AbbeyRose

Painting with live model, with Daniel


Surreal still life, with AbbeyRose Beginning cartooning, with Brian

7-8 pm Sound bath with Yuli

7-9 pm Paint Night